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A huge selection of euro-dance hits, uplifting anthems, pop remixes and energising dance-pop.

From the biggest chart storming remixes to ‘Old-Skool’ house anthems, The Mr Blue Lips podcast is the biggest source of the best euro-dance tracks expertly blended together in a DJ mix-set.

 It’s Poppers O’clock

Hi, I’m Jamie Atreyu from Manchester, UK.

I’m a DJ in Manchester’s Gay Village, playing pop, disco classics, chart hits and dance floor anthems.

Snapchat: jaymiatrey | Instagram: jamiatreyu | Twitter: mrbluelips

From about the age of about 15 when I bought my first Clubland CD, I knew dance music would be part of me for life. At first I hated anything even slightly commercial sounding. The ‘latest trend’ bored me and I’d hate it when a DJ played some “awful” Britney rehash to keep the dance floor onside. I tended to enjoy euro-dance riffs and Hi-NRG beats.

I’ve since learnt to broaden my horizons and I now long for a decent commercial remix to be released alongside the latest sensation to be found in the charts.

I like to share what I create which is why I started this website, initially starting life as a blog. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s really original and sometimes it’s nothing more than a basic megamix.

Occasionally I include work from other DJs, fans of this website and friends – which will be duly noted.

My music taste varies considerably, from Eurodance and Italo to Trance and Progressive House – even some US Tribal has been found in my playlist over the years.

I love dance music and own a vast collection. Averse to categorisation in any one particular style, I like productions that take you on a musical journey where house, anthemic vocals, electro and tribal beats merge to bring the energy, Latin flavoured percussion and the uplifting infectious riffs seamlessly together to create a melodic journey you have to dance to.

I’m shaped by where I’ve been and not where I am now.

I’m an underground, dogmatic, hedonist. It’s whom the hell you take me for. Choose your weapon – let’s go!