The Best of Belle Lawrence – Part 2

The best of Belle Lawrence

Belle Lawrence

Almighty Records artist Belle Lawrence, also known as Tracey Cole, Ignition X and 3am as well as her real name Belle Erskine is a popular artist in the dance music scene.

As well as performing on various tracks including Wayne G remixes, Belle has also appeared at London’s G-A-Y nightclub.

As promised (sometime ago, admittedly), here is the second in the ‘Best of Belle’ series, and most probably the last.

Track listing:

  1. Sacred Trust (Almighty Definitive Mix) – Tracey Cole
  2. Make You Feel My Love (Almighty Club Mix) – Belle Lawrence
  3. With Every Heartbeat (Almighty 12″ Anthem Mix) – Belle Lawrence
  4. Where Were You Last Night (Mike Coppock Mix) – Tracey Cole
  5. Stars Are Blind (12″ Almighty Mix) – 3am Feat Tracey Cole
  6. Downtown (Almighty 12″ Mix) – Tracey Cole
  7. Love Don’t Go Through No Changes On Me (Almighty Anthem Mix) – Belle Lawrence
  8. Halleluja (Almighty 12″ Anthem Mix) – Belle Lawrence
  9. Passion (Almighty 12″ Anthem Mix) – Almighty vs Belle & Dusty
  10. Whispering Your Name (Almighty 12″ Mix) – Belle Lawrence
  11. Love’s Unkind (Almighty Club Mix) – Belle Lawrence
  12. In The Shadows (Almighty Mix) – Tracey Cole
  13. Bad Day (Ultimix Version) – Belle Lawrence
  14. I Thought It Was Over (Almighty 12″ Definitive Mix) – Belle Lawrence
  15. U Sure Do (Almighty Mix) – Ignition-X
  16. Let This Feeling (Almighty 12″ Essential Mix) – Belle Lawrence
  17. Skyfall (Almighty Club Mix) – Belle Lawrence
  18. Speed Of Sound (Almighty Mix) – Tracey Cole
  19. Never Trust A Stranger (Almighty Anthem Mix) – Belle Lawrence
  20. Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) (Almighty Definitive Mix) – Tracey Cole
  21. Somebody Told Me (Almighty Anthem Mix) – 3AM Feat. Tracey Cole
  22. The Closest Thing To Crazy (Almighty Mix) – Belle Lawrence
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